Amazon Customer Service Telephone Number

How to Contact Amazon Customer Service via Phone

It is possible to contact Amazon customer service via telephone, but it is recommended that you write down all details of your interactions. It may be necessary to refer back to these details if you ever need to make another call. Sometimes, a different Amazon representative can be better suited to handle your query than the first one. Live chat may also be a more convenient option. If you are comfortable using this method, you can record your chat and save a copy of it to use in the future.

Scammers are posing as Amazon employees

A growing number of people are ordering from Amazon as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but more consumers are being targeted by scammers posing as Amazon employees. These con artists are often using fake phone numbers and email accounts to try to steal personal information. They’ll call you and claim to be an Amazon employee who needs your information to resolve a problem with your account. When you answer the phone, a recorded message will come on your computer stating that they’re from Amazon. The scammers will ask for your credit card information and remote access to your computer to steal your information.

Be suspicious of unsolicited messages

It is possible to be scammed by phone calls claiming to be from Amazon customer support, and the message will usually contain requests for sensitive information or remote access to your computer. Amazon’s customer service phone number is a hotline, and scammers can use any number of different aliases to gain your trust. Nevertheless, there are a few steps you can take to protect yourself from these unsolicited calls.

Be wary of robocalls

Amazon customers should be wary of robocalls. These recorded messages will ask for sensitive information or remote access to their computers. You should never give out any sensitive information over the phone, even if the person asking for it claims to be from Amazon customer service. If you receive a call asking you to enter your credit card information, phone number, or other personal information, it is likely a scam. The Federal Trade Commission published a list of examples of these scam calls.

Report suspicious emails

To report phishing emails, consumers should go online and search for Amazon’s customer service telephone number. They can also call the company to ask questions. Amazon will never ask for personal or sensitive information without a phone call first. For added security, it also suggests a two-step verification system on online accounts. One woman reported that she received an email purporting to be from Amazon and responded by giving a stranger her credit card number and remote access to her computer or iPad.

Contact Amazon via live chat

When you are having trouble with an order or are having trouble making a purchase, you may be wondering how to contact Amazon customer support. While the phone numbers for banks and credit card companies are official and should be used with caution, you can contact the live chat feature on the Amazon website to speak with an Amazon representative. First, log into your account. After you do, you will see a button labeled “Start chatting now.” Click that button to open a chat window. When you open the chat window, you will see a chat bot instead of a human. The bot cannot fix your problem, but it will help you connect with a live representative.


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