Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports in Hilliard, Ohio

Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports is a new entertainment destination in Hilliard, OH, and plans are underway for additional locations in the near future. Elite Sports features a 75-foot, air-supported obstacle course, centralized sports performance training area, and Gauntlet team building attraction. Bo’s facility is the first of its kind in the nation. Here’s a closer look. This article will give you the low-down on Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports, from its construction to its development.

Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports location in Hilliard, OH

The newest facility in central Ohio is currently under construction, a new Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports location. The upcoming facility will feature youth sports training and a 70-foot-high dome. It will also have a training area that includes a football field, lacrosse court, and soccer fields. The sports complex will also feature a team building attraction, the Gauntlet.

The facility is adjacent to a domed training center, which is essential in cold climates. It will allow athletes to train year-round without worrying about the elements. Jim Thompson, chief executive officer of the sports complex, will oversee the operation of the sports center. Bo Jackson will still fly three to four days a week, but will entrust his staff with its management. After all, he has to juggle his busy schedule with his professional endeavors.

Elite Sports Builders

Established in 1994, Elite Sports Builders LLC is a Phoenix, Arizona-based company that specializes in sports construction and surfacing. They offer turnkey construction, design/build services, and renovation services. With so much open space and weather in the Southwest, Elite Sports Builders has been able to create a variety of high-quality sports facilities that are highly functional. They have created multi-use courts, tennis courts, pickleball courts, and more!

In fact, Elite Sports Builders has built multiple award-winning sports facilities for schools, universities, and college athletic programs throughout the nation. This company is one of just 35 companies in the entire Northern Hemisphere to achieve this certification. Its track and field-construction expertise is reflected in the many award-winning facilities it has created for organizations, including school districts, state buildings, and universities. Its dedication to quality and innovation has made it one of the nation’s leading sports building contractors.

Elite Sports Builders has state-of-the-art equipment. Their equipment includes computerized mixing stations, laser-controlled motor graders, and sonar-controlled paving machines. These advanced tools help them stay ahead of their competition and facilitate superior installations. They employ highly skilled personnel who are devoted to ensuring the best quality surfacing and installation for every project. They offer many surfacing systems to meet every need, so you can rest assured that your project will be installed and maintained to the highest quality possible.

Chasse Building Team

The school district engaged the services of Elite Sports Builders to design, build, and maintain a new high school athletic field. The team’s expertise and experience exceeded the district’s expectations. Working closely with the Chasse Building Team, Elite Sports Builders ensured that the coordination of the project’s design and construction went as smoothly as possible. It was this team’s attention to detail that ensured that the finished project met the timeline requirements.

ADM Architects

An elite sports performance facility combines the turf, court, studio, and sports science to create the ultimate game-day environment. These facilities will improve a player’s performance and recovery. The Chasse Building Team, in addition to Elite Sports Builders, will be responsible for implementing the design. After developing the overall construction details, the team will work with the Tolleson Union High School District to implement the design.

The Elite Sports Builders team played an integral role in creating a track and field stadium at West Point High School, which has earned the 2020 American Sports Buildings Association’s Track & Field Facility of the Year award. The company’s design was in line with ASBA and NFHS standards, and it included a collaboration with the Tolleson Union High School District and the Chasse Building Team.


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