Robert Johnson Phonograph Collection Oregon

If you’re looking for an incredible, pristine robert Johnson phonograph collection in Oregon, read on. You’ll be glad you did! This collection was made possible thanks to the hard work of one of Oregon’s most beloved philanthropists. It was so well preserved and impressive that it was featured in the Smithsonian’s International Center for the Study of Popular Culture.


A pristine Robert Johnson phonograph collection in Oregon is a rare opportunity to hear some of the greats. Johnson’s legendary sound influenced a generation of young musicians. These young musicians, mostly British and white, were eager to learn more about this mysterious musical form. In time, these talented musicians became legends in popular music. But why is this rare collection important? We will examine this question in more detail.

Pristine’s pristine collection contains many examples of the music that made Johnson famous. Columbia made six text pressings of his recordings, which were later bought by the Library of Congress. These records contain rare recordings and are a treasure trove for collectors and audiophiles alike. The recordings were originally recorded in a hotel room in San Antonio. But in 1937, Johnson was recording in a makeshift studio in Dallas. During these sessions, he recorded 42 disc sides, including 29 main takes. Later, in 1937, Johnson died of a poisoning, likely from a lover.

Another pristine Robert Johnson phonograph collection in Oregon features rare test pressings of Johnson recordings. The Library of Congress’ American Folklife Center recently acquired some rare recordings of the blues icon. These records were made in 1936 and 1937 by traveling units of Columbia, which were based in San Antonio and Dallas. These records were made during the Depression and were recorded when the record company was considering reissuing country and blues recordings. Most of the old stamping equipment had long since been discarded by record companies.

The Pristine Robert Johnson phonograph collections in Oregon are not only beautiful to look at, but are valuable for audiophiles. The collection includes several rare phonographs, including Johnson’s recordings, and has an incredible history. It is a treasure trove for collectors of American music. It is a true tribute to the man who made the blues possible. When you visit this unique collection in Oregon, you’ll have the opportunity to hear some of the most important works by this iconic musician.

Pristine robert johnson phonograph collection

This pristine Robert Johnson phonograph collection is a must-see for music fans! The collection includes rare recordings by gospel artists, blues musicians, and even test pressings of the artist’s recordings. It even contains an unreleased version of his “Traveling Riverside Blues.”

The American Folklife Center recently acquired rare test pressings by Johnson, which were made in 1936 and 1937 by traveling units of Columbia based in San Antonio and Dallas. They were pressed for producer Frank Driggs to see how the recording would turn out. The reissues included five songs never released during Johnson’s lifetime. The Library of Congress is home to some of Johnson’s most valuable recordings.


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