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Smite Update 9 – Xbalanque

The Season 9 update is coming! Expect tons of new and exciting balance changes in this massive update! New T3 Relics with wild effects will be introduced, along with T4 Glyph Items that will give you new uses for old favorites. Read on to learn more about the Season 9 update! And don’t forget to check out my preview of the new content! I hope you enjoy it! Here’s what to expect:


The new update for Xbalanque brings many fixes for this legendary warrior. Xbalanque’s passive now gives you a kill stack when you stun an enemy. Additionally, the passive will no longer proc when the enemy is poisoned. This update also fixes a bug where Xbalanque’s ultimate could cause the enemy team to be stuck in darkness for a short time.

Xbalanque’s ultimate has been extremely strong in recent patches. It was previously a situational spell that required a player to kill to trigger. This new buff makes it more reliable to use, and it should have a corresponding increased Cooldown. Xbalanque’s ultimate will now have a fixed Cooldown, as well. While this change has a minimal impact on the game, it will help the Xbalanque’s damage.

Cu Chulainn

The latest Smite update brings new abilities and cosmetic changes to the Cu Chulainn in the game. As a Celtic god, Cu Chulainn’s mana bar functions differently from other gods. He gains Mana only after his Health bar reaches 85. Cu Chulainn’s Rage is a limited resource that can only be replenished by attacking and regenerating. He also gets Rage when his ally takes damage, and he can be used to gain Power and Health Shield.

Cu Chulainn has a Berserk form based on a werewolf. The default skin of this character was voiced by Jared J. Lee. The Berserk form is based on a werewolf and shares the theme with the Fiend Hunter Artio. The new skin has a lower cooldown and increased scaling from 45 to 55%. In addition to these new features, players will also receive a variety of skins for the new gods.

Xbalanque’s Poison Darts

The newest Smite update has brought some new changes to Xbalanque’s Poision Darts. Previously, this ability caused the player to get stuck in an ineffective state when casting it. This new update resolves the problem. Xbalanque’s Poison Darts now have a 20% chance to deal additional damage.

Xbalanque is a ranged physical god, and his passive reflects this. As a result, every time you kill an enemy god, you gain physical power. This passive increase is substantial if you farm him properly. However, if you’re just starting out, it’s best to save your ult for when you’re certain you’re going to die.

Xbalanque’s Poision Darts now consume less mana than the previous version. Additionally, it doesn’t put you on cooldown. Additionally, it no longer consumes mana when interrupted. Lastly, the damage Xbalanque deals is based off of player damage and kills. That’s a big deal.

Xbalanque’s Tandava

Xbalanque is a Mayan Pantheon character that holds the title of Hidden Jaguar Sun. He is a twin brother to Hunahpu, who was destined to face the Lords of Death and rise to the heavens. After defeating them, he was immortalized as a moon. Xbal has an extremely powerful ranged attack and the ability to drop enemies in less than three seconds. While this attack is situational, it’s still extremely powerful.

The Xbalanque class has been overperforming at all levels of play for the past year. With the newest passive change, Xbalanque can deal 50% more damage, which should bring the power curve back into line with his original intent. Another important change is to Poison Darts, which was previously interrupted if not fired at all. Now, all players must fire at least one dart before they can use Poison Darts.

Xbalanque’s basic attack

Xbalanque is a new physical ranged god in Smite, hailing from Mayan mythology. The god’s abilities focus on poisoning enemies, buffing attacks, and debuffing abilities. Hi-Rez Studios have clearly cashed in on the popularity of Mayan mythology with this character, whose basic attack is the moon. The following are some of his more noteworthy abilities.

Xbalanque’s ability has an extremely low base damage, but the bonus is considerable. It also requires high accuracy, as bolas are slow-moving. To land a hit, the bola must be aimed slightly ahead of the target. The attack speed is another crucial factor for the hero’s Xbal playstyle. Increasing the attack speed increases the bola’s airspeed, making it easier to land hits. Ideally, the speed should be 1.8 or higher.

Xbalanque’s passive has also undergone a few changes. First, the buff icons will no longer appear on the game screen. Second, the ground target was incorrectly smaller than its actual size, resulting in a crash. Third, the ground target is now the correct size. Fourth, the increased damage dealt by Xbalanque’s basic attack is no longer interrupted by crowd control.

Xbalanque’s leap

Xbalanque has long been at the top of the Hunter pack in competitive play, and with the new changes to her ultimate, she is poised to continue her reign. This new ability will deal no direct damage to enemies, but will instead affect the teamfight by creating confusion. Hunters do not get any of these effects, and will instead rely on large skillshots to deal damage.

Xbalanque is a Mayan Pantheon character who holds the title of Hidden Jaguar Sun. His twin brother Hunahpu was killed by the Lords of Death when he was a young boy, but Xbalanque triumphed and was immortalized as the moon. Xbalanque’s leap in Smite is the most impressive moment of the game, as it allows the hero to drop enemies in under three seconds.

Xbalanque’s rage

Xbalanque’s rage has received a significant amount of attention in the latest update, and with good reason. The new ability provides increased physical power, attack speed, and critical strike chance rates. Rage can be used with other items to boost critical strike chances, including The Executioner and Fatalis. The executioner is an important item to use in order to maximize critical strike chances, since the ability confirms a critical strike quite often.

While the Xbalanque’s passive grants an additional kill stack when stunned, the bonus damage against poisoned enemies has been reduced from 50% to 30%. The passive no longer procs with Vampiric Shroud or Hydra’s Lament, but it still allows Xbalanque to deal more damage to enemies. The auto skill will now train the ultimate when Xbalanque reaches level 5.

Xing Tian

The SMITE update has rolled out, bringing a new guardian to the game: Xing Tian. This Chinese character is known for having his head cut off and transforming his nipples into eyes and stomach into a mouth. This update is primarily focused on fixing several nerfs, though. For example, the healers will now have a higher sustain, and the weakening curse will be reduced from 100% to 65%. The Mail of Renewal will also receive buffs.

Xing Tian is easy to play in the current meta, thanks to his passive ability, Smoldering Rage. This ability deals damage over time, reducing Basic Attack damage by 30 for every enemy hit. This ability also refreshes your damage when you hit your target, so it’s more effective than ever. Xing Tian also gains stacks of Smouldering Rage every time you hit an enemy.


The Shiva update for Smite is here! The Hindu god of destruction and creation Shiva is finally available in the game! This new update is part of the ongoing Season 9 content teaser, and will introduce the mighty trident that Shiva wields. The three prongs on the Shiva trident represent will, action, and knowledge. You can choose which of these three you want to channel to improve your abilities.

The designers worked with Ramaa during the god’s design process. He helped them on all fronts, including character design and art. He is an experienced military linguist who spent his childhood in both the United States and India. The musical score for Shiva’s character theme was composed by Ravi, a Hindustani musician specializing in classical Hindustani music. Ravi worked closely with a team of musicians to create the soundtrack for the character’s fights.


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