Todays Final Jeopardy Answer

Jeopardy Answers – Inferno, Frederick Douglass, the Medici Family, and the Habsberg-Lorraine Dynasty

If you are reading this, you are a Jeopardy fan! If you are, there’s a very good chance you know today’s final jeopardy answer! If you don’t, you should know some interesting facts about today’s final answer: Inferno, Frederick Douglass, the Medici family, and the Habsberg-Lorraine dynasty.


You might have heard of Inferno if you are a Dan Brown fan, but did you know that it is also the title of a recent bestseller by the same name? The 2013 thriller by Dan Brown is heavily inspired by Dante’s work. The clue also references Dante’s Divine Comedy. You may have seen the movie, too, or you might have even read the book yourself.

Frederick Douglass

Today’s Final Jeopardy answer was Frederick Douglass. The answer is a historical figure who escaped slavery and became an influential writer. Frederick Douglass’s biography was released in 1869 and was hailed as an important contribution to the field of African American literature. After being a slave for over 30 years, Douglass was able to find work and escape to freedom.

The Medici family

The Medici family was one of the most prominent families in Renaissance Italy. They originated in the Mugello Valley in the year 1200 and rose to prominence through the Medici Bank. They also produced four popes and two queens of France. The family’s patronage of the arts and the papacy were key factors in ensuring that Florence remained free from foreign domination. As one of the most prominent families in Italy, they also produced numerous popes and a number of Dukes. Throughout history, the Medici family has kept its power base through strategic marriages and alliances.

The Amistad

The Amistad is today’s Jeopardy answer. Did you know that it’s the first Latin American country to be discovered? That’s an incredible fact. But where does it stand in history? It’s a great question that will be asked today, so take a guess and enjoy! This quiz is a lot of fun and can help you learn something new about the world!


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