Vice City

Places to Visit, Missions, Characters, and Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

If you are planning to play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, then you should know a few essential things before starting your adventure. This guide will cover Places to Visit, Missions, Characters, and Vehicles in the game. Once you have read this guide, you should be able to have an easy time exploring the city.

Places to visit in Vice City

When you’re visiting Vice City, don’t just head to the main street. Explore the richer districts of the city, including Starfish Island, a neighborhood with a large mansion. It used to belong to Ricardo Diaz, but Tommy Vercetti soon bought it. The property has multiple floors, a wide garage, and a backyard maze. Plus, it has a helipad for Tommy’s personal Maverick.

The city also features many historical landmarks. The Vice Point area features an impressive tall hotel. The Ducum Inn is a crescent-shaped structure near the north end of Washington Canal. You can visit this place for a great view and great sound effects.

Missions in Vice City

GTA Vice City offers numerous mission types for players to choose from. In addition to the standard heist missions, the game includes the option to complete several other types of missions, such as the RC helicopter mission, which requires the player to bomb a building using a toy chopper. This game is also known for its numerous storyline missions.

Many missions are lengthy and dynamic, requiring players to do more than just obtain the object. Getting a helicopter or flying through a building are common tasks, but some missions can require you to use special skills to complete the mission. Some missions can even require you to buy special speedboats that are designed to accomplish multiple tasks.

Characters in Vice City

The characters of Vice City are as varied as the city itself. The protagonist Tommy Vercetti (voiced by Tom Sizemore) is an underworld mobster who is on a drug deal when he is ambushed by masked assailants. He manages to escape but is ordered by his boss, Sonny Forelli, to retrieve the drugs and money. Tommy and Lance are both recruited to help Sonny out, but are not always able to keep each other safe. In the end, the two must save both Tommy and the city from Ricardo Diaz, a drug lord who is trying to kill them.

Reni is an ally of Vic and provides him with contacts. However, she is the first person who falls in love with Tommy, and the two of them form a relationship. Afterwards, Tommy kills Lance after being betrayed by him. When Ken arrives, he finds the crime scene in a chaotic state. The two end up saving one another, but they eventually become enemies.

Vehicles in Vice City

Vehicles in Vice City can range from small SUVs to large supercars. There are a variety of cars to choose from and they all have their own special abilities. One of the more iconic cars in the game is the Grand Theft Auto Police Car, which is based on the Ford LTD Police, which was popular with North American police forces in the seventies and eighties.

This vehicle is the ultimate SUV in the game and is fast, tall, and handles like a supercar. You can unlock it after completing the third garage checklist at Sunshine Autos. Its window makes it easy to see when you drive by, and it’s the perfect vehicle for dramatic exits.

Missions in Ocean Beach

The upcoming GTA V release will feature the new Vice City of 1986, and fans are anxious to explore Ocean Beach. Fans can also look forward to visiting the newly refurbished Malibu Club in Vice Point, which was inspired by the famous Scarface movie’s Babylon Club. Missions in Ocean Beach will feature the classic style of Vice City, but with an updated Miami feel.

The Washington Beach Police Station can be found next to the lifeguard station. If you’ve completed the Gun Runner mission, you’ll be able to get a Zebra Taxi. This car can be used for completing other missions, and you can get a VCPD uniform if you’re willing to wear it. In addition, you’ll be able to get the “Frankie” Clothes at the Vercetti Estate after completing 100% of the mission. You’ll also be able to find a “Gash” shopping bag at the Vercetti Estate and the Ocean View Hotel. Moreover, you’ll need to complete the missions “The Protection Ring” and “The Printing Press” to unlock these items.


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